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2015 WATCH Conference Amsterdam: Wearables@Work!

Watch Conference 2015

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WATCH Society - an independent, International Society for and by Medical Professionals is hosting its second Conference - Wearables@Work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

"Wearable Technology is an industry growing exponentially, aspiring to meet the needs of both health care professionals and patients. Wearables may be powerful, inobtrusive and elegant, offering a variety of solutions for clinical use and patient-related issues. Generated data resulting from use of wearables offer exciting propositions for medical science and patient treatment. Wearables are on the rise, (cl)aiming to revolutionize the Healthcare Industry. It is important that users of Wearable Tech in Healthcare can truly rely on new technology.

As with any new technology in Healthcare, co-creation and academic validation is needed -when patient safety is at stake. This Conference is all about real content, collaboration, co-creation ànd scrutinization in order to support successful implementation of Wearables in Healthcare. How to gain support and sustainable embedding for care and cure ? What about privacy of the patient? How to overcome the hype and get sustainable evidence?. A carefully curated program featuring renowned speakers on day 1, exciting site-visits on day 2.  A medical conference, focusing on true content. With accreditation pending both at the American Medical Association and the European Accrediation Council. 

WATCH really is all about facilitating co-creation, collaboration and scientific scrutinization, helping healthcare to engage in using wearable technology from within the professional viewpoint. On behalf of the WATCH board and affiliative Board, I'd cordially like to invite you to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam in springtime. Come and interact! with fellow enthusiasts on Wearable Technology in Healthcare"


Professor Marlies P. Schijven MD PhD MHsc,  2nd WATCH-Congress President

Conference Venue

How to travel

WATCH conference is held at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The address of the AMC is: Academisch Medisch Centrum Meibergdreef 9 1105 AZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The location for day 1: College Hall 5. 

It is most convenient to use public transportation to travel to the AMC. If you travel by Metro, you may use lines 54 (Amsterdam Central Station in the direction of 'Gein'. You must leave the Metro at Metro Station 'Holendrecht'. From there, it is a 5 minute walk to the main entrance of the AMC. This journey will take approximately 30 minutes. If you travel by Train, you must travel to Train station NS- station 'Holendrecht'.

You may download the route to the AMC by public transport here.


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Program Day 1 - Plenary


TimeSpeakerSpeaker DetailsTitle
Paul Szotek
Marlies Schijven
Paul Szotek, MD

Marlies Schijven, MD PhD MHSc
Intro and Opening
of WATCH Conference
Combined session
Nicolas P Terry
Nicolas P. Terry

Hall Rendor Professor of Law
Director Hall Center for Law & Health

Privacy, Politics and Patients:
The US Perspective
on Use of Wearables in
Combined session
Jean Herveg
Jean Herveg

Member of the Bar of Brussels

Privacy, Politics and Patients:
The EU Perspective
on Use of Wearables in
Teodor Grantcharov
Teodor Grantcharov MD PhD FACS

Ass. Professor of Surgery
(Upper GI laparoscopy)
St. Michaels Hospital
Toronto, Canada
Wearables in the OR:
What do we really need from industry?
Marlies Schijven
Marlies Schijven MD PhD MHSc

Professor of Surgery
Chair Simulation, Serious Gaming &
Applied Mobile Healthcare
Academic Medical Center
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Surgical MatchMaking:

Enabling Surgeons and Patients
using MYO in project ReValidate!
10:15-10:45 Break / Drinks
Julian Beltran
Julián Beltrán

CEO Droiders
Google Developer Group (GDG)
Murcia, Spain
Wearable Technology

Economic Impact for Builders of
Glassware -or why Glass isn't dead
Dan Herbstman
Dan Herbstman

CEO and Co-Founder
3rd Eye Health
Chicago, USA
Why Two Eyes won't do in Healthcare
Selene G Parekh
Selene G Parekh MD MBA

Ass Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Dept of Orthopeadic Surgery
Duke University
North Carolina, USA
Cees Taal
Cees Taal MSc PhD

Research Scientist
Personal Health Philips Research
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
PPG-based Respiration Rate
Monitoring at the Wrist in COPD
Homero Rivas
Homero Rivas MD MBA FACS

Director of Innovative Surgery
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, USA
Entrepreneurial Opportunities in
Healthcare Wearables -

Who is the Right Customer for
Wearables in Healthcare:
Patients, Providers -or no one at all?
12:00-13:00 Break / LunchExpoExpoExpo
Ismail Nabeel
Ismail Nabeel MD

Ass. Professor Internal Medicine
Dept. of Internal Medicine
Ohio State University Medical Center
Ohio, USA
Case scenarios and Evolving Uses of
Wearable Tech like "Google Glass"
in an Academic Medical Center:
Creating Paradigm Shifts in Medicine,
Medical Education and Patient Care
Thomas Pattyn
Thomas Pattyn MD PhD

University of Antwerp
Antwerp, Belgium &
VUMC Amsterdam
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Critical Appraisal of Wearables:

Stepping Back to Step Forward
Serge Hufkens
Serge Hufkens

Senior UX Designer Monkeyshot
Health 2.0 Antwerp Organizer
Antwerp, Belgium
The Belgian Experience on Glass
in the Trauma Field
Rishi Megha
Rishi Megha MSIV MS

Indiana University Health
Indiana, USA
The Future of Medicine using
Wearable Tech in Training Future
Surgeons: a students perspective
Paul Szotek
Paul Szotek, MD

Ass. Professor of Clinical,
Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
Indiana University Health USA
A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare:
Telementoring, Teleconsulting &
Teletraining the Age of Wearable Tech
Ajay Kohli
Matthew Brink & Jacob Zeitzew

MD Candidates / Bachelors of Science
Drexel University College of Medicine
Glass in Cancer Staging:

Innovations in Oncological Surgery:
using Wearable Technology in
Cancer Diagnosis and Management
15:00-15:30 Break / DrinksExpoExpoExpo
Harry van Goor
Harry van Goor MD PhD FRCS

Professor of Surgery
Chair on Surgical Education
Radboud University Medical Center
Nijmegen The Netherlands
Wearable Sensors Empowering
Patients, Nurses and Doctors
Sietske Rozie
Sietske Rozie, MD PhD

Deventer Hospital
Deventer, the Netherlands
Medical Education and Wearables:

Training Next Gen Docs
Alberto Bonomi
Alberto Bonomi MS PhD

Senior Research Scientist
Philips Wearable Sensing
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Activity Trackers:

Protocol-free Assessment of
Cardio-Respiratory Fitness from
Daily Measurements
of Body Movement and Heart Rate
Juan Alberto Sánchez Margallo
Juan Alberto Sánchez Margallo
Bioengineering and Health
Technologies Unit
Jesús Usón
Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre
Cáceres, Spain
Wearable Technology for Image-
Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery
Gan van Samkar
Gan van Samkar MD

Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
The Netherlands
The Future of Ultrasound Guided

Remote Guidance using Wearable Tech
17:00-18:00 Closure Day 1 / DrinksMarlies SchijvenMarlies SchijvenMarlies Schijven

Program Day 2 - Sitevisits


On day 2, spectacular site visits are offered! All site visits are from 0900-12:00 and from 13:30-17:00.
Participants may visit 2 sites and are offered transportation by WATCH Conference. Site visits are for registered Conference Participants only.
One week before Conference, registered participants are offered the final list of participating site visits and may indicate their preferences. Preferences will be honoured following the order of registration.

Site visits as featured below are all confirmed

Site Visit 1: Apple Amsterdam

Apple Amsterdam

Site visit 2: Microsoft the Netherlands

Microsoft the Netherlands

Microsoft the Netherlands is offering our Conference Delegates an exciting sitevisits. More details will follow soon.

Site Visit 3: WAAG Society

 Waag Amsterdam

Waag Institute for Art, Science & Technology Amsterdam - Creative Care Lab. 

For our WAAG site visits, you will tour the Theatrum Anatomicum, the place surgery has been born in the Netherlands.  Followed by the latest creative care designing insights from FabLab and ofcourse, ending in the world-renowned WAAG café!

WAAG Program: Rethinking Open Innovation - Opportunities For Wearables in Healthcare

13:30  Doors open

14:00-14:10 Welcome and introduction (Paulien Melis)
Introduction of the Theatrum Anatomicum, the history of the guilds and the activities of Waag Society.

14:10-14:30 From Quantified to Qualified (Janine Huizenga & Paulien Melis)
Gaining insight through measuring? What gadgets do you know and use in your practice? Are these sufficient? What are barriers you experience? What changes and improvements do you see?

This is an open discussion on the experiences that participants have with wearables. Then we discus the role of healthcare professionals in innovation processes and their strategic role within innovation.

14:30 Coffee and tea break

14:45-15:45 Open innovation: principles and methodology (Janine Huizinga)
Practical session on principles and methodologies in open innovation. The importance of knowledge sharing and communities; includes a tour in the Fab Lab.

15:45-16:30 Open hardware: principles and best practice (Pieter van Bohemen)
Practical session on open hardware, like Open PCR, best practices. We discuss the cross-over between arts and life sciences/health care and to illustrate the different perspectives in innovation; includes a tour in the Open Wetlab.

16:30 Q&A and Closing

Site Visit 4: Samsung


Samsung Executive Briefing Center- 'Transform the Way you Work -focusing on Healthcare and Education'

Samsung is very excited to welcome the WATCH delegates in their state-of-the art Samsung Executive Briefing Center. In this recently opened Center, Samsung is exhitibing products and partner solutions. Focus of the Center is on Industry, Retail, Hospitality, Education and Healthcare. Visiting the Samsung Executive Briefing Center is an experience that goes beyond a showcase of in-house products, as the Center is proud to show partnering initiatives.

During this site-visit, we in will be shareing with you our thoughts about Samsung and how to improve accessibility, efficiency and quality of Healthcare. We will discuss new and upcoming initiatives in this area and invite you to engage in the discussion.

What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction: About Samsung as a coorporation
  • How Samsung is focusing on Healthcare: products and partner solutions - you may be offered a suprise speaker!
  • Guided Tour in the Samsung Executive Briefing Center
  • Discussions and wrap-up
  • Get together / Network (lunch or Drinks)

Non-disclosure: the is a photographing restriction on site. Upon request, Samsung is happy to provide you with photograpic materials.

 Site Visit 5: Cisco


Cisco Program: Moving to 2020 in Healthcare now!

Healthcare is more and more dependent on ICT. All medical equipment is connected, all patient-data is centrally stored and accessible via workstations and iPads. We know where patients are in the hospital via wayfinding, doctors connect per video with patients at home (for after treatment), connecting with medical specialists around the globe exchanging research and connecting with eHealth solutions to provide much more data about your patient. Obviously all patient communication is coming together in a Patient Portal, including the video recording of the last medical outcome meeting. 

Cisco's main focus is innovation; in industry and certainly in healthcare. Cisco facilitates wearables in a way that added value is offered to the health care professional.
During your visit, we share with you our vision on the 'Interrnet of Everything' connecting people, process, devices and 'things' such as wearables in a meaningful way. We show you how you, your patient and your organization may profit all together.

At the same time, you are being wowed by our practical examples and showcases. Be amazed how meaningful patient-physician interaction can be facilitated today!. We are specifically focusing on video interaction and telemedicine, as we believe there are wonderful opportunities and new communication pathways to explore here.

We are very much looking forward to WATCH conference and meeting you! 

Please note that signing a non-disclosure act may be requested

Medical Accreditation

American Medical Association 

6 points UEMS/EACCME Credits for WATCH Congress now granted!

The American Medical Association (AMA) has an agreement of mutual recognition of continuing medical education (CME) credit with the European Union of Medical Specialties (UEMS). Under the terms of this agreement, renewed in 2010, the AMA will convert CME credit for live and e-learning activities certified by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), the accrediting arm of the UEMS, to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit. Physicians (MDs, DOs or equivalent international degree) may have their EACCME credit converted to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ as outlined below.

For Dutch MD's not covered by EACCME credits such as surgeons, seperate accreditation in GAIA / PE online is pending.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Wearable Technology is one of the hottest topics in healthcare today! As providers focus on enabling patients and institutions shift their healthcare strategies; we need to find ways to use technology validly, consistently and cost-effectively. WATCH Society proudly offers a variety of Sponsorship opportunities, to be involved year-round.
Sponsorship packages are designed to position your organisation as thought leader among medical professionals. Participation gets your message accross in multiple ways and by various channels. So get featured in our
Newsletters -sent to over 10.000 MD's worldwide, and/or choose to interact real-time with Conference Visitors at our Medical Expo. 

As we are a true Medical Society, our academic content and conference visitors are very interesting to developers and industry focusing on medical innovators and wearables. No better place to get acquainted and establish long-term interactions with frontrunners in the Medical Domain. Interested? As expo space is limited, be sure to reserve your spot timely! You may contact Mr. Bram Huntink our logistics manager at Congress Company directly by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I consider Sponsoring the Society?

    Wearable Technology is an industry that grows exponentially, adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare. Wearable health-related technologies are elegant and may provide a variety of solutions for clinical use and patient-related issues. Moreover, generated data allow for easy interpretation of feedback, resulting from use. A number of innovative wearable technologies have emerged that aim to revolutionize the healthcare industry. But without proper validation and co-creation with healthcare professionals and patients, promising technology may fail to gain support and lembedding. In fact, new technology is often 'hype-sensitive'. Without academic scrutinization and search for proper use; support, energy, money and enthusiasm for promising tech may wear off before time. The WATCH Society is an independent Society with a Board and Advisory Board of medical specialists and professionals, all frontrunners in use and/or development of wearable technology. WATCH envisions co-creation, collaboration and scrutinization in order to help healthcare from multiple professional viewpoints. We welcome your support and are pleased to offer three types of sponsorships.
  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept PayPal payments, credit cards (major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American express etc.) Please note that an additional 19% VAT Applies.
  • Am I a Member too if I am a sponsor?

    Yes, you will be listed as a WATCH Member.
  • Who can I contact for questions on logitics?

    You may contact our Congress Agency, Congress Company directly for any questions on logistics by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • How many tickets am I allowed to buy?

    You are allowed to buy as many tickets as you want. For Sponsors ordering more tickets than their sponsorship package provides, a full refund of unused tickets bought in presales is provided.
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    Sponsorships are unique and non-tranferrable to other persons nor instances. The Sponsorship for WATCH is valid from upon moment of joining until the 31st of December of each year; and will be continued automatically unless withdrawn via email or in writing before the 1st of December of the running year. The content of the packages is displayed on the WATCH website. Sponsorship packages, terms and conditions of sponsorship may be subject to change during the sponsorship period without prior notification. By paying Sponsorship fee you agree to these conditions.

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